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DancePlant was formed in June 2000 by a small group in the Riverina wanting to combine dance & celebration with conservation activities. The original concept however, goes back to July 1999, with an outdoor trance/techno party on a farm 80 kms west of Wagga. We believe that this was the first of its kind for the area, although the neighbors thought it was the apocalypse. A conservation organisation based in Melbourne called 'TrancePlant' had been successfully combining dance celebration & planting trees for nearly 12 months when our group formed. We thought we would bring the concept to our region because we saw a great need for fun and trees. Some of the highlights of the past 11 months include:

Weekend of the 23rd September, 2000
We had a large setup crew for this event with the end result being 1200 trees planted, and the most creative dance & camping area. Two acoustic musicians added to a beautiful late afternoon atmosphere after a hard days work. Later in the night, two DJs provided some music which had everyone dancing.

'Party in the Park' October 14th, 2000
An estimated 600 people came to the Party in the Park which was Danceplants' first in-town promotion (Victory Memorial Gardens) The various local acoustic artists & DJs, drew a lot of people from the street, with the live music sound & an outdoor dance floor! A key feature was an Information Marquee which was put together with help from Greening Australia to disseminate information regarding identification of native plants and various other environmental issues.

'RiverPlant' April 27-28, 2001
We organised a Friday night camp at Kohlhagans'Reserve, Collingullie. Janu and Jo organised some excellent food around the campfire, had some drumming + acoustic music.
Next day about 20 people planted 4000 aquatic plants on the river bank to help stop bank erosion.