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Getting Involved

NEXT MEETING (AGM): TUESDAY 4th of September, 6 pm. Johnny Macs's WAGGA WAGGA. Call 69 598656 or 0414 500 557 to check in case plans change. Anyone is welcome to come along and get involved.

Agenda includes:
Election of Office Bearers
Vice Chair
Public Officer

A Chair or President should be someone who has been involved in many activities from the ground up and someone who the group feels has a good handle on what DancePlant is about. A Chair person needs to be able to feel a common vision or conciousness through sharp perception and inntuition. A good leader is an honest communicator, a planter of seeds, not a force feeder and instinctively knows when to lead and when to follow. A good leader will draw out creativity in individuals and see them apply that creativity to the common vision. The common vision is not a statement of words, it is a feeling of empowerment & light.

The Secretary is responsible for handling in-coming & out-going mail & correspondance. Relaying this info. to the group at meetings or dealing with it straight away when required. A person can hold more than one position if the group so nominates. For example, the Secretary is sometimes also elected as the Public Officer because the two roles often over-lap.The Public Officer is responsible for making sure the group has adequit & current insurance cover, and is the contact person for the Department of Fair Trade. They are required to submit annual statements so that the group remains Incorporated.

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping financial records which are transparent to all members. Also, handling BAS forms, GST returns, funding accounts, account reconcilliation, keeping invoices & receipts. It's good if the Treasurer has some record keeping/financial skills but its not compulsory. There are people to help and DancePlant encourages learning and skill development in all aspects of life in todays crazy world.