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Information for Farmers/Landholders

Danceplant works with individual Farmers, Landcare Groups, Rural Lands Protection Boards, State Forests, and other land management interests. We can help with:

- Bio-diversity conservation projects needing hands-on labor,
- Expertise in re-vegetation and project design.

Our organization operates by liaising with the land manager and designing a suitable project for a given number of volunteers. Our volunteers are recruited through advertising on our website, flyers, posters and through the Landcare networks. Most of our volunteers are aged between 15 - 45 looking to be actively involved in their local community, with a special interest in the local environment. Danceplant is an incorporated association & has Public Liability/Voluntary workers insurance for all events.

For example: A farmer approaches us needing labor to plant 4,000 trees. We look at the planting site with the farmer and discuss methods, materials required. We notice some additional work that can be added to the project i.e. weeds such as Horehound we could chip out. We then decide on a suitable campsite and a date for the activity. The activity is then posted to our website and personally to our membership. We may choose to do some additional promotion depending on the type of activity, size and location. Events always go ahead, rain, hail, or shine.
Most of our projects are likely to be small events, between 10 and 50 people. This number is probably going to be a good, manageable figure for most landholders. After each day of work we set up camp for the night, we may have some live or low key music, dinner & later on some dance music.

Our promotion is geared towards people who genuinely interested in the conservation work, not just the party. We ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned up afterwards, so only the regenerated site is left to flourish.

Please email for further information or phone Graham on (02) 69 598656